vmware server 2 – failed to initialize monitor device

So, yes, I need a windows OS because … whatever.

I’ve just registered myself in vmware and downloaded from here.

To install the server you can follow this instructions.

I’ve installed it on my 9.04 ubuntu and it’s pretty much the same.

So I copied the files form a friend and when I would like to turn the virtual machine on I found myself with this error:

“Failed to initialize monitor device” (in a very nice interface)

This is because when compiling my modules something give me an error, and I just gone on.


#rmmod kvm_intel


It will maintain your configuration and your serial number, it’s just a couple of minutes.

And Ale-Hop, it’s working smoothly.

And what will happen when we reboot the  system. MMM, good point.

So we don’t need kvm_intel any more and to prevent the kernel from loading it we will create a file like /etc/modprove.d/blacklist-kvm.conf with one line “blacklist kvm_intel”.

Now it’s done, it will not load again.

Author: Marc


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